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For full-building coverage, or in commercial and multi-use spaces with multiple offices and tenants, our CASPR Duct-mount technology ensures full air and surface disinfection through the HVAC system. Our CASPR Compact unit provides an ideal solution for small spaces, or in areas, such as reception desks or conference rooms, that may need concentrated coverage.


Customers have always expected the best from the restaurants they patronize. Yet in today’s digital world, a bad review can leave a lasting mark on an establishment’s reputation. Though we can’t guarantee your dishes will be perfect every time, we can ensure the air quality and surfaces of your restaurant are clean and pathogen-free.

Living Spaces

Whether you’re a home owner, owner of commercial or residential properties, or a developer specifying solutions for your next build, your first change order should include CASPR’s technologies. In an industry where cutting corners can be costly and dangerous, having CASPR’s air and surface disinfection in all your spaces ensures the health of your tenants—and a return on your investment.


It’s not all academic when it comes to keeping students and teachers safe in schools today. With many students back for face-to-face learning, CASPR’s air and surface disinfectant solutions add an important extra layer of protection for our most hands-on spaces.

Public Spaces

CASPR’s solutions offer an around-the-clock air purifier and space disinfectant for your office or apartment building and commercial spaces. Our two solutions for building owners and real estate developers include CASPR Duct-mount and CASPR Compact, which ensure a chemical and residue-free disinfection on all surfaces.




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