Keep Surfaces and Air-Borne Pathogens off the Menu

Customers have always expected the best from the restaurants they patronize. Yet in today’s digital world, a bad review can leave a lasting mark on an establishment’s reputation. Though we can’t guarantee your dishes will be perfect every time, we can ensure the air quality and surfaces of your restaurant are clean and pathogen-free.

In today’s world, this has become as important to consumers as the food and ambiance. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by CASPR, more than one-third of respondents stated they will still be very concerned about the sanitation of air and surfaces after the pandemic is managed. Furthermore, 64% of respondents said they would dine in a restaurant that had disinfection measures in place over another one.

Having CASPR’s solutions in your restaurant or food preparation areas means you and your customers can have peace of mind that the spaces are free from any bacteria, viruses or other pathogens that can affect their health. Even better, all of CASPR’s solutions can be used for occupied spaces and are chemical-, VOC- and odor-free, so nothing gets in the way of your patrons’ dining experiences.

For restaurant owners wanting full protection over all their spaces, CASPR’s Pro duct-mount technology quietly purifies air and surfaces through the HVAC system. The CASPR Compact unit is a mobile plug-n-play that can be placed in smaller spaces, such as food prep areas, or where more concentrated coverage is needed. CASPR’s ICE technology is ideal for ice machines and small walk-in coolers to control bacteria, mold, odors, and reduce other specific contaminants that could potentially spoil the food and its taste.

New Study Finds Two-thirds of Consumers Are More Likely to Patronize Restaurants and Businesses That Practice Air and Surface Disinfection

A recent study conducted for Texas-based CASPR Technologies by New Orleans-based research group MDRG worked to gauge the importance consumers place upon air and surface disinfection. The study looked at key consumers in office buildings, public transportation, and retail environments and found clear patterns emerged that affect a consumer’s willingness to engage.



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