Purification that Passes the Test on Safer Spaces for Students and Teachers

It’s not all academic when it comes to keeping students and teachers safe in schools today. With many students back for face-to-face learning, CASPR’s air and surface disinfectant solutions add an important extra layer of protection for our most hands-on spaces.

Our natural, chemical-free solutions purify the air and clean surfaces with a 99.6% disinfectant rate against pathogens. This gives teachers and administrators a safe way to combat mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and more.

For full-campus coverage, our duct-mount units are installed in your HVAC supply, providing disinfection to every space where students and staff may be. This hands-fee, low maintenance solution produces no smells, residue, or noise, which is ideal for academic spaces.

For administration offices or guest spaces, our CASPR Compact desktop unit is a plug-n-play solution that offers visual peace of mind for visitors and staff. CASPR can also provide a window cling that certifies your space is protected with lab-proven air and surface disinfection technology.



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