Our Story

PurHygenics, LLC was created by three friends, from widely different backgrounds, who were looking to make a difference. Instead of sitting around and worrying about COVID, we decided to find or create solutions to the problems associated with the pandemic. These solutions transcend COVID and are relevant to all forms of contagions, now, and in the future.

We harnessed our expertise in R&D, Sales, Finance and have leveraged our past success as entrepreneurs to solve problems in real time with innovative ideas.

Our past experiences in various industries including Restaurant, Retail, Electronics, Fitness, Banking, Environmental and Health Safety have allowed us to jump start our new venture into a Company that is needed NOW!

We bring over 100 years of experience at all levels in business to launch PurHygenics.

Check in with us in the future as we keep you updated on our latest products and protocols.




120 Hurricane Creek Road

Piedmont, SC 29673